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This archive list contains all game versions of Barotrauma from 0.1.1 (originally called Subsurface) to the current version, including experimental. All game content are copyrighted by the developers (Undertow Games & FakeFish Games), and no copyright infringement by this archive, if any, are intended.

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Experimental Builds

Barotrauma Developer (11/16/18-15:11)  

The developer build of Barotrauma, which is targeted for the Steam release. This is not an official release of the game, and official builds are available below. Nothing you see in this build will reflect the final version of the game. This version is automatically recompiled every 12 hours.

Official Builds

Barotrauma v0.8.2.1 


Barotrauma v0.8.2.0


Barotrauma v0.8.1.12


Barotrauma v0.8.1.11 


Barotrauma v0.8.1.10


Barotrauma v0.8.1.9


Barotrauma v0.8.1.8


Barotrauma v0.8.1.7


Barotrauma v0.8.1.6 


Barotrauma v0.8.1.5


Barotrauma v0.8.1.4


Barotrauma v0.8.1.3


Barotrauma v0.8.1.2


Barotrauma v0.8.1.1 


Barotrauma v0.8.1.0 


Barotrauma v0.8.0.5


Barotrauma v0.8.0.4


Barotrauma v0.8.0.3


Barotrauma v0.8.0.2 


Barotrauma v0.8.0.1 


Barotrauma v0.8.0.0 


Barotrauma v0.7.0.1


Barotrauma v0.7.0.0


Barotrauma v0.6.1.4


Barotrauma v0.6.1.3

Barotrauma v0.6.1.2

Barotrauma v0.6.1.1

Barotrauma v0.6.1.0

Barotrauma v0.6.0.2

Barotrauma v0.6.0.1

Barotrauma v0.6.0.0

Barotrauma v0.5.4.5

Barotrauma v0.5.4.4

Barotrauma v0.5.4.3

Barotrauma v0.5.4.2

Barotrauma v0.5.4.1

Barotrauma v0.5.4.0

Barotrauma v0.5.3.4

Barotrauma v0.5.3.3

Barotrauma v0.5.3.2

Barotrauma v0.5.3.1

Barotrauma v0.5.3.0

Barotrauma v0.5.2.0

Barotrauma v0.5.1.3

Barotrauma v0.5.1.2

Barotrauma v0.5.1.1

Barotrauma v0.5.1.0

Barotrauma v0.5.0.3

Barotrauma v0.5.0.2

Barotrauma v0.5.0.1

Barotrauma v0.5.0.0

Barotrauma v0.4.1.6

Barotrauma v0.4.1.5

Barotrauma v0.4.1.4

Barotrauma v0.4.1.3

Barotrauma v0.4.1.2

Barotrauma v0.4.1.1

Barotrauma v0.4.1.0

Barotrauma v0.4.0.3

Barotrauma v0.4.0.2

Barotrauma v0.4.0.1

Barotrauma v0.4.0.0

Barotrauma v0.3.6.0

Barotrauma v0.3.5.1

Barotrauma v0.3.5.0

Barotrauma v0.3.4.2

Barotrauma v0.3.4.1

Barotrauma v0.3.4.0

Barotrauma v0.3.3.1

Barotrauma v0.3.3.0

Barotrauma v0.3.2.6

Barotrauma v0.3.2.5

Barotrauma v0.3.2.4

Barotrauma v0.3.2.3

Barotrauma v0.3.2.2

Barotrauma v0.3.2.1

Barotrauma v0.3.2.0

Barotrauma v0.3.1.5

Barotrauma v0.3.1.4

Barotrauma v0.3.1.3

Barotrauma v0.3.1.2

Barotrauma v0.3.1.1

Barotrauma v0.3.1.0

Barotrauma v0.3.0.5

Barotrauma v0.3.0.4

Barotrauma v0.3.0.3

Barotrauma v0.3.0.2

Barotrauma v0.3.0.1

Barotrauma v0.3


Barotrauma v0.2.6.2


Barotrauma v0.2.6.1

Barotrauma v0.2.6

Barotrauma v0.2.5

Barotrauma v0.2.4.1

Barotrauma v0.2.4

Barotrauma v0.2.3.2

Barotrauma v0.2.3

Barotrauma v0.2.2

Barotrauma v0.2.1

Barotrauma v0.2

Subsurface Builds

Subsurface v0.1.3.2

Subsurface v0.1.3.1

Subsurface v0.1.3

Subsurface v0.1.2

Subsurface v0.1.1

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